Air Dried Oak Beams

We Specialize in the Supply of Air Dried Oak Beams for Construction Projects

If you’re looking for structural air dried oak beams for your next construction project you’re in the right place. At Trad Oak, we have a large selection of air-dried oak beams available for national or international delivery. Our quality structural timber comes in a huge variety of sizes and is perfect for aesthetic or constructional use and bespoke projects.

Oak beams in the outside being air dried

Bespoke Oak Fireplace Beams

Oak Fireplace Mantels

If we don’t have the perfect fireplace beam readily available in our yard yet, we can machine and fabricate precisely the shape you need to as a placeholder until your perfect beam arrives. 

Choose from a full range of services and finishes, including cleaning, de-nailing, anti-infestation treatment and a varied selection of wax and colouring options. If you intend to run cables through your fireplace beam or add light fittings, we can even do the hollowing for you. 

See our finishes page for more information.

Take a look at this bespoke oak fireplace beam gallery to see some examples of how our oak fireplace mantels can transform the look of any room.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

A fireplace light with an oak beam mantel in the top

As well as fireplace mantels, our oak beams are also perfect for making bespoke shelving. Reclaimed wood is a particularly popular choice for shelving, as the aged wood will add a huge amount of character to any room.

And because of the oak’s innate durability and resistance, you can rest assured that whatever you build will be built to last.

Come and browse our vast stocks of fireplace beams in our large yard in the Sussex countryside. We’re open weekdays 08:00-17:00, and on weekends by appointment.