Air Dried Oak Beams

Air Dried Oak Beams

Perfectly suited for use in new building construction, we offer national and international delivery.

Why Air Dried Oak Beams?

Air dried oak, sometimes referred to as semi-seasoned oak, is green oak that’s been cut to size and left out in the air to dry naturally.

When oak is green – that is, freshly cut – it has a very large moisture content. Oak shrinks as it dries. So when green oak is used in construction, the joints in the frame have to be specially designed so that the weight of the build settles as the oak dries, shrinks, and moves.

However, when you’re fitting new beams into your home for aesthetic reasons, movement during the drying process can cause problems. This is where air dried oak beams come in. Air dried oak beams have already done the majority of their shrinkage in the air, under no pressure. So when they’re fitted to an existing frame, the amount of movement will be minimal. As oak is a natural wood, air drying doesn’t eradicate movement entirely. But it does significantly reduce it, allowing you to fit air dried oak beams to your home with total peace of mind.

Interested in Air Dried Oak Beams?

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Well seasoned and with guaranteed durability, our air dried oak beams work for a range of applications

At TradOak, we offer well-seasoned air dried oak beams that are built to last. Our beams undergo a meticulous drying process, ensuring optimal moisture content for enhanced durability. We provide a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit your specific requirements, catering to projects of all scales. By choosing our air dried oak beams, you not only benefit from exceptional quality and durability but also contribute to sustainable practices. Discover the possibilities of our air dried oak beams and bring your vision to life. Shop now and experience the beauty, strength, and versatility air dried oak has to offer.

An oak-framed build.
Oak beams in the outside being air dried

Our Air Dried Oak Beam Stock

Choose from semi-seasoned beams cut and prepared to suit your specific needs at our Sussex Timber yard, with a full range of preparation services including sanding, waxing, hand-working and stop chamfers. We also offer joinery-quality air dried oak that’s perfect for fine carpentry and joinery work and both indoor and outdoor furniture. 


What is the difference between green oak and air dried oak?

Seasoned Oak, also known as Air Dried Oak, is Oak that is cut to size and stored outside to dry naturally which reduces its moisture content to around 20-30%. This can typically take several years depending on the thickness of the Oak. Green Oak is the term describing unseasoned sawn timber, usually cut within 3-18 months and having a moisture content of between 30-80%. As a result, when the oak dries out, it shrinks, moves and splits

How long has your air dried oak beams been seasoning for?

Approx 3-5 years.

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