Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your oak from?

Our oak is European. We make sure we only select from sustainable forestry-managed sources for the air dried oak. As well as Sussex, we have a yard in France where we hold a large amount of stock.  

What is the difference between reclaimed oak and air dried oak?

Reclaimed oak has been used before. That is the simple answer, but other factors include the age, character and colour of the oak. Some of our reclaimed oak beams and flooring can be in excess of 500 years old. As oak ages it toughens and darkens in colour, giving that beautiful dark oak look. Air dried oak has been sawn and left to dry naturally and can vary in colour according to the age of the beam. While it dries over time, it does most of its settling and shrinking, so minimising movement when used.

What oak framing services do you provide?

At Trad Oak we can fabricate any size of oak framed structure, from porches to full house frames. A design/drawing service can be offered. If required, our experts can attend on-site meetings and give suggestions that could enhance your project. Do you have a design idea that you are looking to bring to fruition? Our experts are more than happy to give advice and help where needed.

Can you cut to size?

We can cut, clean and machine our oak, and pride ourselves in being able to give the customer exactly what they want. Reclaimed and air-dried beams can be hollowed out in order to encapsulate steels.

Do you make furniture?

We are able to offer full joinery solutions including oak frames and doors, oak tables and dressers, chairs and benches.

Do you deliver?

No matter the size of order we can organise delivery anywhere, be it nationwide or worldwide.

Can you give estimates over phone?

Yes, we can give estimates on the phone or have them written and sent.