Case Studies

A solid oak fireplace beam created by Tradoak
A guide to solid oak fireplace beams
Solid Oak Beams A solid oak fireplace is a fantastic feature for your home and the possibilities are virtually endless. However, there are some common pitfalls which can mean your fireplace beam doesn't match up to your expectations. So we've put together this handy guide to help ensure your feature fireplace stands out for the […]
A solid oak dining table with unique braces.
Creating Stunning Solid Oak Table
How to Create a Stunning Oak Dining Table Ever wondered what goes into making a solid oak dining table? Here's how we do it. Oak is more than just a building material. It can be a statement feature in your home. When one of our former customers wanted a solid oak dining table to match […]
This new-build house was given an historic look using 'plant ons'
Giving a Traditional Oak Frame Appearance
New Builds Oak Frame Appearance Building a house from scratch is a fantastic way to get everything you want in your new home. But did you know you can combine the benefits of a new build with the appearance of a traditional oak frame? 'Plant ons' are a great way to give your home character, […]
An oak-framed build.
Oak-Framed Build Process
Oak Framed Build Process A satisfied customer has shared his experience of creating an oak-framed build with Tradoak. Robert Crofton chose Tradoak to create the oak frame for his residential Old Off Licence building. "We were impressed with the workmanship on other jobs Neil showed to us," he said. Robert visited our East Sussex yard […]
Tradoak supporting the restoration of a historic building.
Historic Building Restoration | Traditional Oak
Historic Restoration At Tradoak our skills and materials mean we are often called upon to help restore historic buildings. We fabricated roof trusses after a restaurant was severely damaged by fire. Cote Brasserie, a French restaurant in East St, Horsham, was severely damaged by fire, and we were commissioned to fabricate replacement roof trusses for […]
An open oak framed porch with a white door and partition wall
Oak Framed Porch Case Study
Case Study: Framed Porch We created this oak framed porch for a client who was looking to add extra storage space to the front of his modern home to hold all those things; wellies, dog toys and soggy umbrellas; that aren't wanted inside the main property. The porch needed to be in keeping with the […]
The oak frame being erected on site besides another house.
Oak Framed Extension with Encapsulated glazing
Oak Framed Extensions This large oak framed sun room was designed and fabricated in air dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, but also give the frame the stability to be able to encapsulate glazing directly into the oak components. Read on to see how we achieve this. We were asked to design the frame based on the architects drawings, […]
Large raised collar oak trusses.
Large Raised Collar Trusses
Oak Collar Trusses Here at Traditional Oak and Timber Co we construct oak frames and oak trusses and carry out framing in many sizes and dimensions. We are also able to make oak trusses to order in a kit form or supply as a whole truss. We were asked to design and supply the materials for a set of large trusses going […]
3 bay car port with oak frame complete
3 Bay Car Port using Seasoned Air Dried Oak Beams
Bay Car Ports Tradoak was commissioned to make a 3-bay carport through a word-of-mouth referral who knew we produce and deliver great work. The decision was made to have the frame semi-open and made from seasoned air-dried oak beams, we then designed the frame and created a set of 3D frame drawings and visual representation to […]
Reclaimed solid oak door.
Reclaimed oak door
Incredible Reclaimed Oak Door This reclaimed oak door was from a 300 year old farm building and was in a bit of disrepair. We used reclaimed oak flooring to repair and bring back to its former glory. The flooring was cut to size and gently prepared, the poor parts of the door were then removed […]
Oak shelves in kitchen
Oak Shelving
Oak Shelves At Traditional oak and timber Co we supply oak beams, oak framing, oak tables and oak fireplace beams. What is becoming very popular though is oak shelving. We are able to supply reclaimed oak or fresher air dried oak shelving in many sizes and finishes. Reclaimed oak shelves are generally darker in colour and […]
Finished oak car port
Oak Framed Carport
Here we have an oak framed carport that we supplied in a kit form. This is perfect for anyone that wants to actually erect on site themselves. When we are asked to fabricate an oak frame in a kit form we make the frame at our yard. We then mark all joints, and where they are meant to go on […]
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