About Trad Oak

Traditional Oak and Timber Company (Trad Oak) was established in 1990 when our founder and owner Neil Peskett bought a pair of salvaged oak lock gates thinking that someone out there would surely want to use the still-sound timber for a project, and he was right!  

It quickly became apparent that there was a market for high quality reclaimed oak available in the UK. Neil soon grew the business and put his mind to become one of the main suppliers of quality oak, both old and new, in the UK.

Trad Oak provides a large variety of high-quality old reclaimed oak beams and air dried oak beams in the U.K. In addition, we have a vast stock of reclaimed oak flooring and oak fireplace mantels. Our structural oak beams can be used for building construction and renovation projects. We also can provide oak for bespoke furniture making.

Trad Oak continues to meet the growing demand for the highest quality reclaimed and air-dried oak beams. We are set in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside, near ‘Sheffield Park’ National Trust estate and the heritage Bluebell Railway.

reclaimed oiled web oak finish

Our company provides a full range of oak beam products and services. 

Our Oak Wood Products:

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