Hollowed Out & L-Shaped Beams

Hollowed Out & L-Shaped Beams

We can fabricate a Hollow Oak Beam from either Reclaimed or Air-Dried oak for any aestheic purpose.

U-shaped oak beams

U-shaped beams are mainly used to conceal something which is visible on three sides. For example, a steel lintel (RSJ) in a ceiling, a concrete post or pillar. Once in place no one can tell the difference between these carefully hand-crafted beams and solid oak pieces.

U-shaped oak beam
U-shaped oak beams being transported

L-shaped oak beams

L-shaped beams give the appearance of a solid beam in cases where a solid oak beam might be too heavy or wouldn’t work for another reason. These beams can be used for anything which is visible from two adjoining sides such as a door reveal, window reveal, door head, window sill.

L-shaped hollow-outs
Oak bridge

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