Structural Oak and Timber Supplier

Traditional Oak and Timber has one of the largest stocks of reclaimed oak beams in the UK

Oak Beams for All Your Projects

Reclaimed oak beams, hollowed-out oak beams, structural oak beams and air-dried oak beams

Structural Oak Beams

Structural oak beams for houses, garages and extensions that add character and charm to any structural project.

Oak for Bespoke Furniture Making and Floors

Fireplace mantels, tables, flooring and doors, with international shipping we have the oak you need.


Whether you need enough oak beams to build your own barn or for a small home project, we can help. Traditional Oak and Timber ships internationally and has one of the largest stocks of old reclaimed oak beams and air-dried oak beams in the U.K.

We know that a personal touch and some friendly help goes a long way in cultivating your building projects. No matter how small – or large your project is we can supply you with the oak timber you require to help your vision come to life. We offer a variety of oak timber products and services and look forward to supporting you with our products, services, and expertise on oak timber. We are available to give free estimates and we deliver worldwide on all of our products.

Air Dried Oak Beams

Air-dried oak beams or ‘semi-seasoned’ oak beams, is green oak that has been cut to size and left to dry naturally. As the beams are left to dry naturally, they do most of their shrinkage under no pressure, minimising movement when finished.

Reclaimed Oak Beams

Most of our beams are English and French and reclaimed from farmhouses, churches and barns. Our stock of reclaimed oak beams is one of the best in the country with small pieces to 11 meter beams.

Structural Oak Beams

Historically, oak was chosen as a building material because it becomes harder and stronger over time. Oak is a high-density wood that will never shrink lengthwise and is structurally remarkably strong.


Some Of Our Work


This large oak framed sun room was designed and fabricated in air-dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, but also give the frame the stability to encapsulate glazing directly into the oak components


This 3-bay carport frame was designed, fabricated and sanded at our yard in Sheffield Park and then delivered to the site in a kit form. The frame was supplied with pegs and the instruction drawings to put the beams together.


These staircases and porches were built from air-dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, reduce movement in the oak, and complete the superb look of the property

Why Work With Us

Traditional Oak and Timber is a small family-run business located in East Sussex. Our founder, Neil, sources all our wood himself from across Europe. We use traditional drying methods and work very closely with architects, structural engineers, our local community and you to make sure every project is a success.

Have questions? Give us a ring at 01825 723648.