Types of Oak Beam Finish

Typical Oak Beam Finishes

At Traditional Oak, we offer a wide range of finishes and can offer advice on all your options.

Oak is a natural and organic substance, with each piece being unique in colour and character. Any finishes will produce slightly different outcomes on different pieces of timber.

As such, the following photos are very much purely an indication of the differences that may be obtained by applying the various finishes that we offer. If you require a particular ‘look’, or you are trying to match to some existing oak work in your home, please get in touch and send us a photo of what you are hoping to achieve. We are usually very successful in producing the outcome that our clients ask for.

Air dried, weathered, un-sawn, grey faced

Air dried sawn

and sanded

Air dried, sanded,

clear wax

Air dried sanded

med wax (medium)

Reclaimed, uncleaned, unfinished

Reclaimed wire


Reclaimed sawn face, sanded and waxed

The effects of


Our oak products can be given anti-infestation treatment, which helps protect the timber. All the reclaimed oak is treated as a matter of course. Air-dried pieces are treated on request. This also gives peace of mind when installing oak into your property.

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