Large Raised Collar Trusses

Oak Collar Trusses

Here at Traditional Oak and Timber Co we construct oak frames and oak trusses and carry out framing in many sizes and dimensions. We are also able to make oak trusses to order in a kit form or supply as a whole truss.

We were asked to design and supply the materials for a set of large trusses going into a very large barn conversion. The trusses were structural but also needed to be able to be high enough for the upstairs to have enough headroom.

If the main tie beam had been at the bottom of the rafters this wouldn't have left enough room, so we had to go with a raised collar, or raised tie truss.

Raised collar oak truss 3D design.

Raised collar truss

The collar of the truss or the Tie (horizontal beam) is raised up the principal rafters and enlarged to give it enough strength to stop the rafters from pushing out on themselves or the wall the trusses sit on.

We supplied air-dried oak beams with large 250 x 250 sections size to give the trusses the strength to support.

Large oak trusses in place of construction.

The trusses in situ

You can see in the photo above the large dovetail joint in the collar acts as a wedge and stops any horizontal pulling forces on the truss with the weight of the roof.

Finished large raised collar oak trusses.

Finished truss

Large raised collar oak trusses.

With run of purlins

With the trusses finished and installed, we think you will agree they look fantastic!

If you have a project that you need to discuss or like the look of these trusses then feel free to contact us 

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