Discover Our Solid Oak Finishes

We offer a variety of services from the cleaning and treatment of our oak to delivery worldwide. 

Types of finishes

  • Tools of trade
  • Hollowing beams out 
  • Sanding oak beams
  • Waxing beam
Tools of trade


All of the work on our oak beams is done by hand. We use both modern and traditional methods to ensure precision and proper customization.

Beams can be cleaned, de-nailed, sanded, washed, wire-brushed, sandblasted, hand chamfered, treated and waxed.

Hollowing beams out 

Hollowing beams out

Hollowed out oak beams can cover piping, cables, RSJs and more. We can hollow out both reclaimed oak and air dried oak beams. The middle of the beam is cut with a chainsaw and then hand-chiselled away. We leave at least 25mm(1″) of the beam thickness all around to ensure sufficient strength in the beam.

This process means we can supply beams that totally encapsulate an RSJ, for example, rather than showing joins. We clean, sand, wash, and wire brushes our beams. It’s not a quick process but we pride ourselves on doing the job properly.

Sanding oak beams

Sanding oak beams

Sanded air-dried oak beams brings the light oak colour out and allow the grain to show. When the oak is air-drying the natural elements and weather give it a silvery finish.

More rustic air dried oak beams have splits and cracks from natural movement, so when sanded down the character of the wood is visible. Sanding is recommended on reclaimed oak beams to remove any loose or dried sap-wood from the surface.

Waxing beam

Waxing beams

Waxing compliments the beam with a slight shine. Clean and air-dried oak has a light colour which means you can apply different finishes to it.

We have a variety of colours available from almost clear to dark waxes. Reclaimed oak can also be waxed, but older oak is typically darker in colour. 

Typical Oak Beam Finishes

Our oak products can be given anti-infestation treatment which helps protect the timber. All the reclaimed oak is treated as a matter of course. Air-dried pieces are treated on request. This also gives peace of mind when installing oak into your property. We offer a variety of finishes for all sorts of oak beams.


With air-dried beams, we can soften the sharp corners by chamfering. This is done by hand to be in keeping with other parts of the property and can give an aged look to the oak if the chamfers are irregular.

If they are straighter and more regularised they are known as ‘stop chamfers’.