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Oak framed sun room besides an open kitchen.
Bringing the outdoors in: creating the perfect sun room
The Perfect Sun-Room With many more people seeing the benefits of improving over moving, finding new ways to add space, value and beauty to your current family home can make you fall in love with it all over again. Over the past couple of years, the trend for adding a sun room has been going […]
Solid oak beams with wood door
For The Love of Oak
Traditional Oak Beams When it comes to sprucing up your home before putting it on the market, think oak… not spruce. Oak beams are synonymous with sturdiness and can impart a sense of rustic tradition to your home, making it seem somehow warmer, cosier, and more secure. However, such is the versatility of oak that […]
Unfinished reclaimed oak
Different Types of Oak Beams
Oak Beams Types Oak trees are generally harvested when they are about 80 years old and can be transformed into elegant structural features bringing a lots of character into your home. There are three different types of oak beams available on the market, namely, green oak beams, air dried oak beams, and reclaimed oak beams. […]
Reclaimed oak that has been sawn, sanded and waxed finish
The Best Oak for Frame Building
Frame Building Oak For more than 4,000 years, oak framing has enjoyed a long tradition in the United Kingdom, being the favourite home building method. In recent times, it has experienced significant revival and the current self-builders are gradually adapting it. Oak is a very versatile material that is not only resistant to harsh conditions, […]
The oak frame being erected on site besides another house.
Oak Framed Extension with Encapsulated glazing
Oak Framed Extensions This large oak framed sun room was designed and fabricated in air dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, but also give the frame the stability to be able to encapsulate glazing directly into the oak components. Read on to see how we achieve this. We were asked to design the frame based on the architects drawings, […]
Large raised collar oak trusses.
Large Raised Collar Trusses
Oak Collar Trusses Here at Traditional Oak and Timber Co we construct oak frames and oak trusses and carry out framing in many sizes and dimensions. We are also able to make oak trusses to order in a kit form or supply as a whole truss. We were asked to design and supply the materials for a set of large trusses going […]
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Traditional Oak and Timber Social Media
Follow TradOak in Social Media Channels At Traditional Oak and Timber Company we use methods to work with our oak products that are centuries old and tried and tested throughout history. Working with oak beams and flooring we use tools that have been used by carpenters and master framers for hundreds of years. Draw knives, planes, chisels […]
Air Dried Oak Beams
Oak beam types and grading explained
Oak Beam Types Structural oak beams are required to meet a certain requirement to be used in building or repair/renovation in Britain. The oak beams are graded visually and come under the guidelines on BS 5756:2007 British Standards document. The visual checking of green and air dried oak beams will look out for weaknesses in […]
3 bay car port with oak frame complete
3 Bay Car Port using Seasoned Air Dried Oak Beams
Bay Car Ports Tradoak was commissioned to make a 3-bay carport through a word-of-mouth referral who knew we produce and deliver great work. The decision was made to have the frame semi-open and made from seasoned air-dried oak beams, we then designed the frame and created a set of 3D frame drawings and visual representation to […]