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Oak Fireplace Mantels Fitted
Oak Fireplace Mantels Fitted
Fireplace Mantels Here are a selection of photo’s sent to us by very happy customers showing their mantels after they have been fitted. All of the oak fireplace mantels in this section are air dried oak with a sanded and clear wax finish. This type of oak beam with this finish is very popular and you can really see why. […]
3D design full garden frame.
3D Frame design
Trad Oak 3D Frame design We are now able to offer 3D frame design for your project. This will help visualize your project along with the option of frame drawings. The designs can be supplied with a view from any angle to really bring your frame to life.   Please feel free to contact us with any […]
A picture of a french oak piece of wood in the shape of a table from
Jules Moore Design
Moore Design We are very pleased to announce that extremely talented table maker Jules Moore will be using reclaimed oak from Traditional Oak and Timber co.  to create his oak tables. Please check his page for a quick insight to what he can do and what he’s about. Please contact either Jules directly or us on our contact page for more info.
Air Dried Oak Ceiling Beams in a living room.
Air Dried Oak Ceiling Beams
Ceiling Beams These air dried oak beams were supplied to renovate a standard ceiling in a living room. The main larger spine beam was a 250 x 250 section size solid air dried oak beam, while the smaller joist beams are 100 x 100 section size. The oak beams we supplied with a sanded finish […]
Oak door with glass restoration
Natural Path
Natural Path Renovations At Traditional Oak and Timber Co we work with many varying construction and renovation companies, and are happy to say have a great rapport with all of them.  Natural Path Building Solutions, based in Devon approached us for a tender of air dried oak beams cut to size for their latest renovation project, and have very kindly mentioned us […]
Oak house cladding upfront.
Oak Tudorisation
Oak Rustic Tudorisation The owner of this beautiful property wanted to introduce some oak components when other work was being carried out. We supplied air-dried rustic oak, sawn to the sizes her builders required. We were able to saw the oak sections from air-dried oak beams so the look is authentic. We are able to […]
Reclaimed Oak Beams
New stock just in
New Stock At Traditional Oak and Timber Company we always carry a large stock or air dried oak beams, reclaimed oak and joinery quality. Here is a sample list of new stock just in to the Ardingly yard: Air dried-semi seasoned structural oak 100 x 100 x 2m/4m 125 x 125 x 2.5m/4m 150 x 150 x 2m/4m […]
Rustic oak external staircase and porches
Rustic external staircase and porches
External Oak Staircases and Porches These sets of stair cases and porches we recently fabricated were built from air dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, reduce movement in the oak, and complete the superb look of the property as the customer required.
This beam is air dried oak, larger in section that the other and with a clear wax finish really brings out the grain
Fire Beam Fitting Kit
Fire Beam Kit Traditional Oak and Timber Co are now able to supply a fitting kit for your floating fireplace mantel. Winter is nearly with us and the temperature is dropping so there is no time like the present for an oak fireplace! Having a floating fireplace beam means you don’t require any corbels or unsightly brackets, and as long as […]