Case Studies

Oak Framed Carport
Here we have an oak framed carport that we supplied in a kit form. This is perfect for anyone that wants to actually erect on site themselves. When we are asked to fabricate an oak frame in a kit form we make the frame at our yard. We then mark all joints, and where they are meant to go on […]
Air dried oak cladding used for shop fit
Here we have some air dried oak cladding. The oak has been used to fit out wall sections of a shoe shop. The cladding was requested as character grade and very rustic. We used a mixture of reclaimed and older air dried oak beams and boards, sliced and machined to give the effect required. As […]
More Oak Fireplace Mantels Fitted
At Traditional oak and Timber Co we sell a lot of oak. And a large part of that are oak fireplace mantels. We are able to supply pretty much any sizes of beam and also shape if required. We are able to supply the oak in fresher air dried, or an older looking reclaimed style […]
Period Property Renovated Using Our Flooring And Beams
This magnificent period property has been refurbished internally and externally to a very high standard, and we are very pleased we were chosen to supply the beams and flooring. The property is over 200 years old, which of course meant the owner needed specific permissions, and a very specific list of building materials, including reclaimed oak beams, […]
Rustic Air Dried Oak Trusses
These 8m wide “king post” trusses were fabricated from rustic air dried oak beams. The client liked the fact we were able to offer air dried oak beams for stability over green oak, and he very much liked the aged look of the oak. The tie beams are 300 x 300 section size and span a full […]
Air Dried Oak Ceiling Beams
These air dried oak beams were supplied to renovate a standard ceiling in a living room. The main larger spine beam was a 250 x 250 section size solid air dried oak beam, while the smaller joist beams are 100 x 100 section size. The oak beams we supplied with a sanded finish and a […]
Oak Cladding
The owner of this beautiful property wanted to introduce some oak components when other work was being carried out. We supplied air dried rustic oak, sawn to the sizes her builders required. We were able to saw the oak cladding from air dried oak beams so the look is authentic.   We are able to supply oak cladding in both reclaimed […]
Rustic external staircase and porches
These sets of stair cases and porches we recently fabricated were built from air dried oak to give a beautiful rustic appearance, reduce movement in the oak, and complete the superb look of the property as the customer required.
Close look from an oak framed porch in the building process.
New Reclaimed Oak Frame Porch
This porch has been built using reclaimed old oak to be in keeping with the rest of the original house. The customers requirements were that the porch needed to look original. Working closely with the client and architect we created a traditional design with modern functionality. All the oak beams used in the frame was hand […]
An oak repair section joint
Section Joint Repairs
This repair was carried out as some of the section joints had rotted away.
This repair was carried out due to the structural timbers rotting.
Rotting Frame Repair
This repair was carried out due to the structural timbers rotting.
An air dried oak frame extension from the outside.
Air Dried Oak Frame Extension
This is an air dried oak frame extension/sun room. The frame was fabricated in our workshop then erected on site. All the frame work was traditionally jointed and pegged so inside all of the method is on display. As you can see an oak frame can make a very grand extension to your home.  
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